Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're Back already!

Hi all, well the Cook Islands are just as they show in the brochures - beautiful with lovely blue water and white beaches. The people are very laid back (and I thought Australians were laid back - they are nowhere near these people!). We had to learn to relax as everything was based on "Island Time" which meant it may or may not happen.

I had no trouble with the band - not that the food was that great. I thought there would be heaps of fresh seafood - no didn't see any! So unfortunately/fortunately they had great cocktails so I made my way down the list! And although they were just divine I did manage to put on about 1.5kg!!! OOOPS. It was so worth it - who cares.....I'm relaxed!

We had a few days of rain so had to resort to going to the spa and having massages, facial etc....that was really hard to deal with - NOT! The rain also gave us the opportunity to hire a car and drive around the island which we probably wouldn't have done had it been sunny. The petrol was $2.75/litre and we complain about $1.60!!!

The housemaid I spoke to was on $6/hour - I was gobsmacked! I wouldn't get out of bed for that! She said that's twice as much as she was getting in Fiji!

We did manage to go snorkelling and swimming a lot too. (tropical fish at your feet - it was amazing!).

I've got another 2 weeks off yet and am looking forward to getting all those jobs done that I don't have a chance to do usually like cleaning out those cupboards!

I have Caitlin home for school hols too so will be doing a few things with her as well.

That's all for now....more on the holiday later.


Sue H said...

Gosh it sounds like you had it hard - I can just imagine the "stress" you would have been under having it rain, and doing all those horrible things like having a spa and facial. My god how did you cope!! On a more serious note, glad you had a great holiday - you deserve it. So what if you put on a bit of weight drinking all those yummy cocktails, now you are back in the "real world" that will come off easily. However, we need pictures??? where are they??.
PS - when you have finished cleaning your house, mine needs a bit of a spring clean as well if you find extra time on your hands (LOL).

George H said...

Hi Kath
Glad you enjoyed your holiday we had a good break at the coast went whale watching with Connor and Sue had the afternoon to herself(girls afternoon)
Glad for you on your weight loss and you look good in the photo,It has taken me just over a week to get over the birthday parties and you know I dont drink felt ok then went down in a heap with fatigue, like you babe every day is a battle but every day is a new one to face Good luck with your banding journey,You really do look great
Lotsa Love
George H

mjwdec73 said...

Damnnit, if I'd known you were doing 2 weeks of housework I'd have caught up on your blog much sooner - my house needs some help too!

So glad you had a good time - sucks that you didn't get the fresh seafood though - Raro Game fishing club makes the best fresh fish and chips and salad in the world.