Monday, March 30, 2009

Some good, some not so good....

Well - the job fell through.....I'm glad I didn't lose any sleep over it! I was "asked" to apply but was still overlooked - go figure! Anyhow - as they say - their loss. At least I still have a job to go to each day.

On the weightloss front. When I had the bit of fill taken out it took me a few weeks to adjust to it and I put on a bit but now I"m on the straight and narrow again. I've been going to aqua 2 times a week and playing tennis in the comp. Which is more exercise than I've done in quite a few years! I feel great and I can feel my clothes getting looser again. I've lost 1.2kg this week which takes me back to a loss of 23kg. Yes - I've put on about 2.5kg but we'll just forget about that as it's nearly gone now.....I'm aiming for the 25kg again now!!!

At work - things are fragile and shaky. The staff involved are having flashbacks, sleeplessness etc. - the counsellor is here a lot. The funeral is tomorrow in N'Castle and we have a bus going over with the remaining students attending.

Jess is fitting again. She goes through stages of being so well and then she gets like this - which brings you back to reality. After a fit last night Caitlin said last night "if Starlight had have given us her wish - Jess wouldn't be disabled anymore" - through the eyes of a 9yr old......

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life's happenings...

Where do I start: - with the good. I've been going to aqua and loving it! I weighed myself on Monday which was stupid as the old periods are due and I've put on 200gms - so we'll just ignore that.

I've been away for a few days for training - and while I was away there was an accident at work and a student has fallen off a horse and so very sadly died. So the staff and students at work today were all over the place. What a tragedy for her family.

Jess's fundraiser has taken off with a bang. At work they've raised just on $2000 and my friends in Wellington are having a fundraising night on 2nd May which we are really looking forward to.

And Diz - not applying for my bosses job! I would have to work hard then and we can't have that! I am however applying for another position and will let you know it that pans out. Very excited about it and apart from the fact that I would absolutely love the job it's MUCH more money! Watch this space!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just keeping you posted....

I haven't weighed in this week at all. I'm not going near the scales - not that I've been that bad but I have been sick and not really in the headspace to think about anything at all especially what I'm eating.

I went away for the weekend to a scrapbooking weekend - that was so cool - relaxing and totally what I needed.

I'm a bit over work at the moment. My heart is not in it. That would be because my boss who was also my friend has moved on to much greener pastures. All I could say was "take me with you"! They will advertise his job soon.....not sure I want to contemplate who will apply. I would really like to take some time off and I do have 3 months long service owing to me.......

I start Aqua on Wed and have tennis tomorrow night. That's a good start to the exercise regime.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Who's bright idea was that?...

Well - I went to the gym and had my initial appointment with the trainer. Here am I saying "yep - that's fine" - no that's not hurting.....etc. Then after work I went to tennis....played 24 games and on Wednesday I couldn't move at all without extreme pain in no particular part of my body!! I was a bloody cot case! Now I know I have muscles somewhere in there!

I'm supposed to go back to aqua today - nope not doing that either - that's not cos I'm a wimp - I really feel I might go home to bed as I have flu symptoms coming on with a vengeance. I antcipate I will go back on Sunday morning. God help me!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

One step forward..

Yep - I did it! I went to the gym and joined....I have an appointment tomorrow to "design" my fitness program. I will be going to aqua twice a week. So I think with tennis and a workout mid week that will be enough to give the old weight loss a shake up.

I'm apprehensive at this point but also a little excited.