Monday, January 26, 2009

That elusive 25kg!

Well I weighed in this morning expecting nothing at all as I've had a rather hectic social life this past few weeks.

I've officially lost 24.4kg now. A loss this week of 600gms which is surprising and not really deserved.

Back to work on Wednesday after 6 weeks off and am actually looking forward to it. I need the structure in my day and I miss my friends.

Next week we will be celebrating the 25kg loss ok!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Thought I'd just take a few measurements and got a nice surprise!

Boobs = 121cm = -20cm (lost 1cm from last measure)

Waist = 108cm = -24cm (lost 2cm from last measure)

Stomach = 131cm = -20cm (lost 3cm from last measure)

Upper legs = 55cm = -11cm (lost 1cm)

Lower legs = 40cm = -7cm (no change)

Neck = 41cm = -4cm (no change)

Upper arm = 33cm = -5cm (1cm lost)

Total loss now = 91cm (lost 8cm since 1st Dec 08 - not bad!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weigh in again....

Yep I weighed in this morning expecting to have put on a heap of weight as I've been a very naughty girl! Have indulged in ice-cream, chocolate and soft drink plus various meals in Sydney at restaurants of choice - but I had a great time doing it and guess what - I only put on 500gms!!! Wow - all that walking we did must have cancelled it out thank goodness as I deserved about 2kg! I must admit although I did frequent the restaurants I only ever had entree - restriction is a leveller I never had before!!

So I've slipped a little and am now back on track. We'll see another loss next week don't you worry about that!

Caitlin loved High School Musical. We also did the Aquarium and went shopping at sale time in the city which was fun but exhausting. The motel was fantastic and very up market directly across the road from Darling Harbour - so close to everything. The city was a big eye opener for both kids (we took our 16yr old niece Kathryn as well) - Caitlin has decided she can't possibly ever live in the city cos the beggars make her sad. And Kathryn just was gobsmacked by the ratio of Asian people........however she was pretty impressed with what they wore - go figure.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Weigh in

Well it would have been better but I've had a few drinks this weekend and nibbles to boot. Still not eating a great deal though. Still restricted which is great.

So I've lost another 500gms which takes total loss to 24.2kg. I'm really starting to take shape now and am so looking forward to the next 5kg going as that will be a big milestone for me.

We are off to Sydney this afternoon to take Caitilin to High School Musical on stage. We are taking her cousin (and our neice) Kathryn as well. Jess is off to respite as we speak.....I know stop feeling guilty. The 3 days break will be great. We are staying at the Crowne Plaza at Darling Harbour! Hope it's nice....