Friday, May 14, 2010


What a year I've had so far! Haven't been blogging at all as you may have realised. In Feb my best friends mum died - that was a very sad time in our lives and is still a struggle for my friend. This lady was a nan to my kids and a friend to us for many years and we miss her a lot.

I've organised a school reunion which I must say was a bloody great success - thank god! It was fun to do but a lot of work.

We went to the central coast for a few days to have a break before I had surgery on my knee - which is why exercise has been out of the question for a long time. The knee was worse than expected - had a big clean up and a lateral release. Oh and on the same day I had all the fluid taken out of my band as I've become a "dysfunctional eater" - yep that means anything good came back up and anything bad stayed down. My banding surgeon was not we start from scratch. I'm back at work now after the surgery and lots of physio.

The good news is I won a competion through 2UE in Sydney - look up the NuYu retreat
OMG - I won 2 weeks there worth $5000! It's a complete overhall of my life which is perfect for me and i couldnt have wished for anything better.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

That band ain't no good!

Well life is good - except I'm still at a standstill with the weight and can put in on just by looking at food! I eat not a great not a saint but am still getting meat stuck regularly! Have just been to an endocronologist to see if there's something wrong there. I really should have lost heaps more weight than I have but it's been very disappointing. I have heaps of friends who've had the banding and have lost masses of weight. Some who've just had it who have lost as much as I've lost in 7weeks! It's so unfair.

I've been trying to keep the chin up but really this was supposed to be the ultimate answer to my weight and it's not. I feel like having the bloody band taken out at present.