Sunday, January 18, 2009


Thought I'd just take a few measurements and got a nice surprise!

Boobs = 121cm = -20cm (lost 1cm from last measure)

Waist = 108cm = -24cm (lost 2cm from last measure)

Stomach = 131cm = -20cm (lost 3cm from last measure)

Upper legs = 55cm = -11cm (lost 1cm)

Lower legs = 40cm = -7cm (no change)

Neck = 41cm = -4cm (no change)

Upper arm = 33cm = -5cm (1cm lost)

Total loss now = 91cm (lost 8cm since 1st Dec 08 - not bad!)


Diz said...

What do you mean "Not bad"'s freaking great!! Congratulations.

Sue H said...

WOW - almost a metre!!!. You should be very proud of yourself - I know I'm very proud of you. Would love to see an up to date photo - especially in that shirt you brought from ? Suzanne Grays (I think that was the store). Keep strong. Lots of love.

PS - hey, got some "bragging" to do of my own - just before Xmas George decided to buy me some new you beaut bras for Chrissie. So off I went to actually get a fitting - I think the last time I was fitted properly was before Adrian was born! Anyway - out went the "C" cup, and in came the double D!! How happy am I. I've never been any bigger than a B or C (or so I thought), except when I was breastfeeding.

Melanie said...

This is great - especially in how that loss of cm would make you feel. Well done.

Tina :o) said...

Not Bad! That is bloody Fantastic!!! You have got to be loving those cm's gone:O)

Great work.

Cheers Tina:OP

Karen Sloane said...

Remember me...
I'm the person who hasn't posted on yr blog for ages.
Anyhoooo... did you know it's 12 months since you were on Optifast.
This time last year, you were planning and I was worrying. Gee how time flies!!!
xxx K.

Anonymous said...

SENSATIONAL!!! Terrific work Kathy!