Thursday, August 28, 2008

Keep up with me!

I know I'm slack and haven't posted in a while!

To catch up:

  • We went to Morpeth (Maitland) last weekend for Mum's bday. Had lovely seafood lunch. Had respite too which was even better.
  • Had a bloke I know die from cancer a week or so ago. 43 is too young to die and leave a wife and 3 kids.
  • Now a teacher I've known for years has died from cancer as well so am going to his funeral tomorrow.
  • I've been back to the Orthopaedic surgeon about my knee (which has been extremely sore and is the reason I'm not exercising) - he gave me the bad news that my knee is "stuffed". I'm up for a knee replacement within the next 10 years depending on how long I can last....not great news. Bring on summer so I can get back in that pool.
  • On a lighter note I'm madly preparing for the markets where I'm going to be selling my Poppy Seed Salad dressing and Peanut Butter Balls (which are not for bandits!). That will be fun...they are very popular with my workmates and John's workmates so we'll see how it goes.
  • On the weight loss side of things I'm getting lots of positive comments but the scales are not reflecting anything exciting! I'll take a photo this weekend so you can have a look for yourselves.
Good luck with your weight in today Tina - can't wait to see if you hit the 99.9kg! I'm so jealous but all in good time.

Thanks Sue for the lovely comments! and Diz you are a positive influence as usual.


mjwdec73 said...

I was just thinking about you - and there you are. Positive comments are good - how are your clothes feeling? Can't wait to see the photo.

Melanie said...

Things sounds good - I love Morpeth on a sunny Winter's day.
Look forward to seeing your updated pics. Your market good sound yummy.

Tina :o) said...

I too was wondering where you were. Your food sounds so yummy:O)
Good on you for getting loads of comments on your weight loss. You must be loving that. Trust me i know you are hot on my heals you will be passing me with your weight losses if i am not carefull. You are doing fantastic with your weight loss and feel great about it. I too can not wait to see some updated photo's. We are both on our way to skiinyville together:O)
Take care

Tina :o) said...

Sorry that should say Skinnyville.
Duh!!! I should check before i post it hey. LOL Sorry about that. Hee hee:O)

Diz said...

As Rachel Ray would say...."YUMMO". That Poppy Seed Salad Dressing sounds like the Bomb! (I love the Food Channel Network...That's my crack Baby).

Crappy news about the knee...husband has the same problem...he's a skinny guy, so I know it can happen to anyone.

I can't wait to Visit AussieLand! You guys always talk about cool places and I can't wait to see them.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friends.

About the positive influence....the Beatles say "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make". And Sister...YOU MAKE IT!! That's what's so cool about being a part of this group. All the bandsisters do, so it's easy to be positive.