Saturday, August 16, 2008

More progress

I feel great today. Great because I bought new clothes and I bought my first "M" in years! No more XXL's for me! I also bought 2 new tops in size 20 and could have gone 18 but they didn't have any...I was so proud.

I've taken measurements - not that there is a big difference since last time which is surprising.

Boobs: 122cm = -19cm
Waist: 110cm = -22cm
Stomach 134cm = -17cm
Legs Upper = -10cm
Legs Lower = -7cm
Neck = -5cm
Arms = -4cm
Total loss to date: 84cm.

I wish I had have measured my fingers before banding as my rings are far too big and I also wish I'd measured my bum cos it's disappearing too!
Will weigh in on Monday - haven't weighed in lately as the battery went flat on my scales which is probably a good thing!

I forgot to mention I flew to Sydney for work last week (Myf you will love this one) - I didn't need to ask for a seatbelt extension and I had to actually pull it tighter to make it fit!!! You should have seen the look on my face - I was just daring that skinny little hostess to ask me if I needed one!


mjwdec73 said...

I'm so very very proud of you - I just did a couple of little happy dances reading that. I'm so excited for you - it is great that you can fit into sizes starting with 1 now - woohoo!!

And the seatbelt - you are right - I loved it. I love that feeling waiting for them to offer you that extender, only to say no.

Diz said...

Kathy, that is fantastic news! Hey, maybe if you drop a hint to the hubby, he'll get you a new ring that fits! Ah well, I'll try it and tell you if it works! And the seatbelt extension...I'm so happy for you. That's always the scary thing about flying...not the flight itself, just the damned seatbelt!

Tina :o) said...

Good on you Kathy... Smaller clothes and no seat belt extender. Woo Hoo your going so well. Congratulations:O) You are fading away before us all.
Cheers Tina

Sue H said...

Gosh I'm slack - only just now reading this wonderful news, and like everyone else I was so excited and happy for you. Way to go girl!!!!!!. Do you realise you have lost almost 1 metre from your measurements !

Note to John - yep, time to spend some money on Kath and get her new rings - a girl can never have too many rings and you know what they say about diamonds!. You never know - new rings might be in order for your 25th wedding anniversary (yes I remember how long you have been married - I have a 21 year old!). This might give you plenty of time to save up for a huuuuggge ring with lots of jewels. What a great pressie that would be for all Kath's hard work (hint, hint).

Great new. Keep strong. Lots of Love

George H said...

Its all good kath congrats on your weight loss sorry to read about your friends, Dont you listen to Sue H I have bought her so many rings she is at a loss which ones to wear at times but as you know she is spoilt rotten, keep going your losing weight and I am putting it on and believe it or not I feel uncomfortable. I have my last dose of chemo in Dec and then we sit back and play a waiting game when it returns back to the heavy stuff again But this is not about me you and the other half have a good time on your trip and we expect a call when you get home
Lotsa love
George H