Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not happy Jan!

Who ever said exercise was a good thing? I've been on that bloody crosstrainer every day this week and thought I'd slip on the scales this morning to reap the rewards of my pain and suffering - well I've put on 500gms!!! Now I'm pissed off! I'm not getting on again until next monday and if I've put on again the exercise is going out the window with the scales!!!

I'm off again this weekend (am I ever home lately?) on a warehouse shopping tour - it would be nice if we hadn't just been on hols and spent all our money but hey I'm sure I'll conjure some up off the money tree for a little retail therapy. John is coming too as we have respite.


Sue H said...

Don't stress too much about not losing weight whilst exercising - remember the weight loss is actually turning to muscle. So keep it up and the inches (on old language) will continue to fall.

Where did you find the "money tree" - could sure use one! Hope you guys have a great time "retailing". John, remember the "jewellery" - can't go wrong with a nice piece.

PS You are looking great. Keep strong. Lots of love.

mjwdec73 said...

What Sue said - on all of it.

Can I borrow your money tree too? Pretty please?