Monday, October 20, 2008


We had a great weekend....spent all our money! So having said that I'm taking donations beloved friends...(only joking).

I bought a new doona cover in cream lace (very nice), handbag and matching wallet at a bargain price reduced from $229 to $70 for the bag. Perfume - Pure Poison by Dior that I will get for my birthday cos that's the only way he'd buy it. Clothes for the kids. Xmas decorations at the big xmas warehouse. Poor John got nothing - oh yes he did - I bought him some licorice!

On the weightloss front well............did I tell you I had a good weekend?


Melanie said...

Can't send money but feeling jealous of a great shopping weekend. Weight loss plateaus and little gains piss all of us off. It's not fair. Foot stamp, foot stamp. Mel

Tina :o) said...

Kathy sounds like you had a fab time away. Retail therapy is always good:O)
Try to remember the big picture look at how far you have come so far. You are doing great and looking great from your new photo too. Take care my friend.
Cheers Tina

Sue H said...

Weighloss, smateloss - bah humbug. Who cares if you had a great time shopping!! There's always tomorrow (gotta love procrastinating). Great to hear you brought lots of lovely goodies - as for John, he got the licorice and got alone time to spend with his favourite girl - what more could he ask for??? A girl really needs new handbags and perfume - just ask him a question from me ?? - how would he like it if you were smelly and had a tatty old bag (not him) hanging off your shoulder?. There's the answer.

Yeek - Xmas is not that far away. We are also getting in the mood - George has been cutting out some chrissie yard art, and I'm doing the artist bit and painting them - should be ok when finished. Will post some photos on facebook if they turn out ok. For all other friends on Kath's blog - hope you all will also get into the chrissie spirit and even put a light in the window or something. Gotta love christmas :)

Speaking of christmas/December - not long now my friend until you are another year older - and yes what they say it true - you are looking better with age. Keep strong. Lots of Love.

mjwdec73 said...

Sounds like a good day out to me! Can't believe how close Christmas is getting now too - eeek!