Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I don't know what I have to do (apart from exercise I suppose) to get this bloody weight off. I've really had a gutful of not eating and obviously I didn't hit the 25kg mark! I put on 500gms - I know that's not much but now I have to lose that again.

The sum total of my intake yesterday: (not including water - I have about a litre a day - yep have to up that too)

Berocca first thing with my tablets
Porridge later - about 8:30am - one of those small satchets.
Chicken (say a wing or thigh) and about 2 tabs of pasta salad (about 12:30pm)
2 crackers and cheese (afternoon tea say about 4pm)
dinner - well I'm lucky if I get any as it usually comes back up. Last night we had fish & chips - I had a crab stick and half a potato scallop (yep - full of fat I know but this is not the norm) - but it didn't stay down anyway! None of it. So it doesn't count!

I do have 3 of those Skim cappuccino's from Nestle' a day - maybe I should ditch the sugar...can you hear me making changes in my head here....

So I need to: Exercise more, drink much more water and ditch the sugar in my coffee.

I do start Tennis next week in a comp - say your goodbyes to me before then cos I'll probably have a heart attack on the court! And I am swimming most days now for about half an hour.


Melanie said...

My weight has stalled as present to - hovering between 86 and 87 kg for weeks and sometimes slipping up over 87. I think its the heat and we are all dehydated and storing extra fluid. I don't think you should be hard on yourself until the weather moderates a bit. You don't seem to be eating all that much and I wouldn't think a few sugars would impact too much.

Karen Sloane said...

I agree with Melanie 100%. Stinking hot weather means lots of extra fluids - but remember champagne & strawberries do not count.
Its just a speed bump. Breathe.

Tina :o) said...

Oh Kathy try not to stress. Like the girls already said it could be just the stinking heat we have all had latley. Hang in there and stay positive. Just look at how far you have already come! You have lost a huge amount of weight so far. Go and try to pick the weight up and then you will see how well you really have done. Keep on smiling dear friend:O)

Cheers Tina:OP

mjwdec73 said...

Like everyone else, play nice with yourself.

Keep those fluids up and take care of yourself.