Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weight and life....

My life has finally not been revolving around my weight or weightloss. I've been going to the gym and been more active in general life which is what the aim was I suppose. This is what's been happening and about to happen....

1. I've been accepted into Uni - I am so excited about this as it has been a long time coming for me to decide what I want to be when I grow up! I'm doing a BA - Psychology. I'm doing it via distance ed so yes I am still working full time for the moment.
2. Fundraisers for Jess are on 2nd May and 29th May. That is huge in itself. Have had media ringing myself and my friends for publicity etc which is good.
3. Have garage sale this weekend - why do I have these stupid ideas! What a lot of work! I'd better make a million!!!
4. Have old friend coming down on long weekend in June to stay - that should be good.
5. Have holiday booked on gold coast in July.

Then we rest!!!


Sue H said...

Gosh, you really are leading a busy life. Glad to hear you have finally "grown up", however going back to study and Uni???? Study and full time work as well as being a wife and mother is a very challenging role - and I must add one that requires the occassional wine or two!
Good luck with your garage sale - it's suprising what other people will buy. We've had a couple since living here and I agree, they really are hard work.

Bring on the holiday - after all of this you will need one.

Hope the weight loss is still happening - have finally caught up with your blog and congrats with the cm loss - over a metre is great. Keep strong and lots of love

mjwdec73 said...

Hope yesterday's fundraiser went well - fingers crossed for you.

I'm with you on the having a life thing - it really does make the band take second place. And I'm sure that was the whole idea.

Hope the garage sale went well

Diz said... exciting! Do tell how the fundraisers went and congratulations on your acceptance to Uni. You are truly living your life. I admire you.