Wednesday, January 6, 2010

That band ain't no good!

Well life is good - except I'm still at a standstill with the weight and can put in on just by looking at food! I eat not a great not a saint but am still getting meat stuck regularly! Have just been to an endocronologist to see if there's something wrong there. I really should have lost heaps more weight than I have but it's been very disappointing. I have heaps of friends who've had the banding and have lost masses of weight. Some who've just had it who have lost as much as I've lost in 7weeks! It's so unfair.

I've been trying to keep the chin up but really this was supposed to be the ultimate answer to my weight and it's not. I feel like having the bloody band taken out at present.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that you're having probs. I'd suggest it's time to go back to basics if all comes back ok from the endo. See your fill doc and have a chat. Start a food diary and see exactly what you're eating. Make sure you're moving at least 30mins a day.

It certainly won't help that you have a dodgy pituatary gland. It will through you're whole body out of whack!

Good luck!