Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I must be doing something wrong! That'd be opening my mouth and letting things fall in! I weighed in this morning and much to my horror I had put on 1.2kg!!! Can I swear now - is that allowed on blogs? I must've inhaled a lot of bad things this week which is a good reason to keep a diary!!!!

So - I am not only having a fill next Monday come hell or high water but I'm going back to basics this week:

* Drinking lots of water
* No junk food
* Being conscious of what goes in my mouth!
* Keeping my eye on the ball

and being nicer to myself.

I have had a few shock upsets in the last week both of which I shouldn't mention on here as people actually read my blog! But enough so that I'm worried about one and pissed off with the other. The one I'm pissed off with will know that don't you worry.

So - we will aim for the 20kg this week and have the fill on Monday and move on.

If I don't blog again before then........Good Luck on Thursday Mel - catch up with you on the banded side!


mjwdec73 said...

Okay, special request from me - put being nicer to yourself right up the top of that list! It is hard enough getting everyone else to be, especially if we aren't.

Just take it one day at a time - remember just how far you have come - this is just a little hiccup - and you will get past it.

Sue H said...

My sentiments exactly mjwdec73!

Okay, so a little setback has occurred, but life is full of ups and downs and sometimes they all seem to come at the one time don't they? But we are never given more than we can deal with (take that from someone who has thought that, been there, done that!)

Take that 1.2 kg and shove it where the sun don't shine - so what if you put on a bit - how about focusing on the weight you have actually lost all told, not the last 1.2kg you put on!! Where's the fighting spirit you are renowned for? Is it only for your kids - come on girl, buck up, dust yourself off and get back on track (sorry if I sound harsh, but if I was there I would probably kick you in the butt).

Keep strong, still love you even when you don't loose any weight.

Tina :o) said...

I totally agree with the other comments. Please be kind to yourself. As mentioned this is just a hiccup on you road to skinnyville. You can do this. I believe in you and i am so proud of your achievments so far. Chin up and hang in there my friend.

Cheers Tina:O)

Melanie said...

Back to basics sounds good. It seems to me after doing so much (probably too much research) on this lap band life what it always comes back to is the fact that the band is a tool and nothing more that that. We still have to grapple with out hearts and our heads and what patterns have been imprinted over a life time won't be wiped out by a piece of band around our stomachs I guess - it's a tool we can choose to use. It seems to me that you've decided to again use the tool by getting the fill. My doctor said, if you're struggling with food, that's not the bandsters problem, it's most often that it's a fill issue. So long as the person with the abd takes the right response, as you have, you'll be fine. All the best. Thanks, Melanei

Diz said...

Ok...I'll be the evil one here.....SWEAR BABY!!! I love to swear, it makes me feel better! Although, when I blog I use words like "effing" oh and a word I stole..."Craptacular" (such a descriptive word). When I'm not working and no kids are around, I love to swear like a sailor. No worries Girl. Weight comes and goes. Yours will go too...and we'll be there with you!