Sunday, July 6, 2008

Movement on the Scales

We had another big week. Caitlin had an accident at school on wednesday and was carted off by ambulance to hospital to check her out....fortunately it was just a fair bit of bruising although she was sore and sorry for herself on thursday. She's ok now.

I've lost a bit of weight this week and will probably hit the 20kg mark by the end of the week...thank goodness it's started moving again!

We had respite this weekend and had a great weekend. Yesterday was John's birthday so we went to the movies, Old Dubbo Jail, had breakfast and lunch out. Today we went to Wellington to a friends house for lunch and saw a few people we haven't seen in a while which was good.


mjwdec73 said...

Oh poor Caitlin - I'm glad to hear she's OK now.

Well done on the loss - always nice to feel the scales on the move - can't wait to hear that you hit the 20kgs mark.

Sounds like you've had a great weekend - what a nice way to celebrate John's birthday.

Bring on the 20!!

Sue H said...

Give Caity a big hug from us (in particular you know who - she admires from afar).

Yeh on the loss. Whenever you get down I want you to get out that picture you used to have on your blog, look at it and then take a good look at yourself now. What a great achievement. Keep going, keep strong. Lots of love

Sue H said...

PS: Oops, sorry - happy birthday to John. That big five O is creeping closer!!!