Monday, November 10, 2008


Well now I really know what it's like to have a gastric band! I've never had this much restriction before.....and I suppose that's why the weight loss has been so slow. Although I am back on semi normal foods, mornings aren't great yet dinner is fine.....but small. Liquids are my friend.

Yesterdays food intake went as such:
Yoghurt (took me hours to eat it)
2 crackers & cheese
4 sate prawns and 2 tabs rice
Diet Cordial

This morning I tried a poached egg on toast - well that was a disaster! So I've had a water now and a coffee.

Oh I suppose you might be wondering about the scales this morning? I've lost 2.2kg this week - that brings me back to a loss of 19.2kg. I put on heaps in the 2/3 weeks before the fill. I'd hate to think what would happen if I didn't have the band as it would all just pile back on. So now I'm on the downhill run again and can't wait for next weeks weigh in. Might even have a measure next week - go Me!


Sue H said...

Now that sounds like the Kath of old coming back - pure grit and determination. Thank goodness the self pity stroke didn't last long. Looking forward to an update on measurements, and am sure that elusive 20kg is not far off - go girl!!
Keep strong. Lots of love

Melanie said...

Love that restriction! The morning thing is something a lot of us suffer - gotta love that weight loss post fill!!

Tina :o) said...

That is great news that you have your restriction. There is no stopping you now. You will be shrinking before us all. Fantastic weight loss to btw. Go You! Here is a Woo Hoo just for you i know you love them. Hee hee:O)
Cheers Tina

Karen Sloane said...

A speedbump. Get over it. Move on.
You have come too far to go back now.
OK, enough of the travelling analogies. You can do this. You have done this. You can do more.
Your cheer squad is right behind you and as every day passes we can see the changes - not only in your shape but your determination and most importantly, your happiness. And that is what this journey is all about.

Diz said...

I'm loving restriction too. Sometimes it was damned difficult to stay on the right track. Finally got caught up with all your blogs Girlie. Sorry I took so long.

mjwdec73 said...

Wow - sounds like some serious restriction going on there! Looks like fluids are going down OK though - that always helps.

2.2 - wow! Good work