Monday, December 1, 2008


Well not much of difference - isnt that weird when I'm smaller???

Boobs: 122cm = -19cm
Waist: 110cm = -22cm
Stomach 134cm = -17cm
Legs 56cm = -10cm (upper)
Legs 40cm = -7cm (lower)
Neck 41cm = -4cm
Arms upper 34cm = -4cm

Total loss = 83cm


Tina :o) said...

Dont't panic if you can not see the difference on the measurements. You are seeing it on the scales! As long as one of them is nice you are doing just fine! Your clothes will tell you too on how your doing. You are smaller...
I can tell you if you need me too. lol
Your shrinking!!!!!!

Cheers Tina xxx ooo

Karen Sloane said...

Kel said you look hot. enough said.

Sue H said...

Each cm is a bonus. 83 cm - do you realise how much that is.... that's almost the length of 2 newborn babies (yep, midwife back). As for the weight, you have lost the equivalent of about 6+ newborn babies - thats a lot of weight!!!

Keep strong (you will hit that 25kg mark). Lots of love