Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A quote from my dietician..

Yesterday I had my phone consult with my dietician - Cathy. She is very pleased with my progress as I've lost 5kg in 6 weeks. She also asked how often I get on the scales......and I told her that "yes - I used to be a scale jumper but now I try my best to get on the scales only on a Monday"....she said (and I thought this was very thought provoking):

"if you get on the scales every day, the only thing it will change is your mood"


Melanie said...

Now that quote is the truest thing I've read in ages - I'm really going to try to stop scale jumping each day.

Tina :o) said...

That is sooooo true it is scarey. lol!
I too used to be a scale jumper now i only get on once a week on Thursday's. I find it is easier on the mind doing that.
As it truley is so amazing on how much we can change in weight through out the day and week.

Very wise Dietician there Kathy.

Cheers To You.
Tina xxx ooo

Diz said...

I agree with the Ladies...you're dietician is very WISE! I can almost see her calling you "Grasshopper" after imparting that sage wisdom (From the Kung Fu series).