Monday, December 29, 2008

Weigh in day.

I nearly forgot to weigh in this morning! I jumped on the scales not expecting too much what with Xmas and all the social outings we've had. I actually lost another 700gms. Which takes me to 23.7kg. I love that it's coming of in bits now, as long as I lose over 500gms per week I'm happy.

My big achievement this week was walking into Suzanne Grae - a shop I havent been into for about 25 years and buying a size 20 shirt!! My intention was to buy some t-shirts for Jess which I did but then I spotted this shirt and thought 'gee do you think it might fit??' It did and it could've been the ugliest shirt in the world and I still would have bought it because it FIT!!! I walked out of that shop about 2 feet taller!


Tina :o) said...

Great another 700grams bites the dust!
Also you had better get used to fitting into more and moe clothes because in case you have missed it YOUR SHRINKING!!! How fantastic is that. Soon you will need to get your shopping boots on because you will need a brand new wardrobe full of clothes.
It get's expensive getting thin. LOL:O)

Well done on this week you are on a roll downwards my friend.

Cheers Tina xxx ooo

Sue H said...

Well done you. Yeehah - isn't it great to now go into a so called "regular store" (not my definition, but one that fits ha ha) and being able to buy something straight off the rack. No more "big girl blouse" for you. Have I told you how proud I am of you? Yep, christmas over with, and a loss of 700gms - what a happy christmas!. All that weight gone forever - look out 2009, skinnieminnie2b is coming!!! Like the saying - feel fine in 2009. What a happy new year this will be.
Lots of love and keep strong.