Monday, June 30, 2008

Life is a big test!

Well - what a weekend. John went away and I had the kids on my own for the first time in years! With ordinary children that wouldn't be a problem but Jess is now about 50kg - so I borrowed a hoist/lifter. John left sat morning (very worried about us but I'm waving him off and thinking about what I was having for dinner that night as I had a friend coming around).

We went well (we - being Caitlin and I) - don't know how I would've done it without her! She was a bloody trooper. Anyway - by the time my friend came I was starting to get a bit queasy in the stomach but soldiered on through a few glasses of wine, ate a bit of dinner and then by about 10.30 admitted that I wasn't feeling great. My friend went home about 11 and I went to bed and from then on I was up every hour on the hour with the dreaded trots and huge stomach cramps. I was hoping that I'd be better by morning but I was worse! So I got Jess out of bed, gave her a shower, threw some toast in the toaster and Caitlin took over from there as I went back to bed. I only got out of bed to take Jess to the toilet and John came home about 5pm. Bet he wished he didn't!!!

Anyway - I'm at work now - in spirit only and have found that I really didn't need to have gastric banding to lose weight!! ha, ha......


Karen Sloane said...

Ok, this blog is a week old and no comments posted.

Hello people???? Are you there???
Where is this support network that is supposed to be active participants, not lurkers, in this journey.

I've just re-read the blogs and comments from February and March. Holy crap, its almost 5 months since your operation!!! We all need to maintain the enthusiasm and support, so I want to see some more blogging and posting this weekend!

mjwdec73 said...

Hey Kath, hope you are feeling better now.

Weight loss is a good thing. Which would you prefer though - the band or gastro?

Karen, I'm hanging my head in shame. Consider me suitably chastised!

Sue H said...

Yep, I'm also hanging my head - my only excuse is work, work, and more work, evening followed by morning shifts and I haven't even felt like looking at a computer. But back now on days off and finally catching up with emails, blogs etc.

My first thought when I read your last blog was ouch! - poor tum and bum. Nothing worse than trying to stop both ends at once!! Hope you are feeling better now. Did John enjoy his time away while you were talking to Ralph?

How's the cm's going?? Nearly time for another update don't you think? We have seen the amazing photos and god you look good.

Keep strong (keep away from tummy bugs). Lots of love