Monday, March 2, 2009

One step forward..

Yep - I did it! I went to the gym and joined....I have an appointment tomorrow to "design" my fitness program. I will be going to aqua twice a week. So I think with tennis and a workout mid week that will be enough to give the old weight loss a shake up.

I'm apprehensive at this point but also a little excited.


Tina :o) said...

Congratulations for joining a gym! That is a big step and i am so proud of you. I have been wating to do that for ages but our money limits at the moment do not allow it yet. So instead i laybyed a X trainer. I can not wait to get to use it.
With gym and Tennis and aqua you are in the right direction my friend. Stay positive and things will fall into place for you i am sure:O)

Take care Tina:O)

Karen Sloane said...

woo hoo. Whip out the lycra!! Am so proud of you. Post piccies.

mjwdec73 said...

So proud of you. Just watch out for the high kicks in aqua. Gung ho and breaking the water with your foot when you are in chest high water isn't good.

Most importantly - ENJOY IT!!!!!