Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life's happenings...

Where do I start: - with the good. I've been going to aqua and loving it! I weighed myself on Monday which was stupid as the old periods are due and I've put on 200gms - so we'll just ignore that.

I've been away for a few days for training - and while I was away there was an accident at work and a student has fallen off a horse and so very sadly died. So the staff and students at work today were all over the place. What a tragedy for her family.

Jess's fundraiser has taken off with a bang. At work they've raised just on $2000 and my friends in Wellington are having a fundraising night on 2nd May which we are really looking forward to.

And Diz - not applying for my bosses job! I would have to work hard then and we can't have that! I am however applying for another position and will let you know it that pans out. Very excited about it and apart from the fact that I would absolutely love the job it's MUCH more money! Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

That's so sad about the accident.

Glad to hear you've got other things to look forward to though. Good luck with the job.

Diz said...

So sorry about the loss of a student.

No worries. I wish you luck on the new job. I hear you about the hard work. You don't want to take time away from your family. I'm watching the space girlfriend...with my fingers crossed!

Sue H said...

Like the others, our sympathies to you, other staff and the family on the loss of your student.

Have also been a bit busy, so have just caught up on your previous blogs ... 200gm + PMS = whatever!!. Tomorrow is another day.

As for the new job application - good luck.

You should take some time off - speaking of which I have a month long service leave - starting the end of this week (are you jealous?). So will not have internet for a couple of weeks (oh no... what to do!!). See/catch up when I get back. Keep strong. Lots of love.