Friday, March 6, 2009

Who's bright idea was that?...

Well - I went to the gym and had my initial appointment with the trainer. Here am I saying "yep - that's fine" - no that's not hurting.....etc. Then after work I went to tennis....played 24 games and on Wednesday I couldn't move at all without extreme pain in no particular part of my body!! I was a bloody cot case! Now I know I have muscles somewhere in there!

I'm supposed to go back to aqua today - nope not doing that either - that's not cos I'm a wimp - I really feel I might go home to bed as I have flu symptoms coming on with a vengeance. I antcipate I will go back on Sunday morning. God help me!!!!


Tina :o) said...

Oh Kath i hope your not getting sick you poor thing. The kids in our house have been sick with vomiting and fevers and it is not nice!
Chin up and even thou it bloody hurt going to the gym and tennis you have got to be so proud of your self for doing so hey!
You really have come so far:O)
Just remember it will get easier the more your body gets used to it.
Have a nice hot cuppa and take care.
Cheers Tina:OP

Diz said...

24 GAMES!!! You die hard! No wonder why you're sore! Hope you feel better. How cool that you're doing things you like. Remember the days....

You are awesome!

Sue H said...

Flu is all over the place - just had a dose myself and god it felt awful. So I can fully sympathise re the generalised aches and pains. And on top of that, you have deep muscle pain from all that tennis, and gym, and aqua - go Kath !!! A nice hot bath and a massage from John can help those muscle pains (you hearing me John??) or if that fails, there's always a nice glass of bubbly to help - purely medicinal only of course.

Keep strong. Lots of love and hope to see you soon - am on holidays in April and hoping to come down that way - see the folks, kin and friends (depending on how "you know who" is travelling) - we are heading to Yamba and Maclean over Easter for our annual break, and that might be too much travelling for him. Will have to wait and see.

mjwdec73 said...

Um, that would be your bright idea :)

So glad you can recover enough for WordTwist - you've been whopping my butt a bit.

Just keep going - and I hope you are feeling better ;)