Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Here goes!!!

Had a call from the Clinical nurse at the Doc's surgery today. The dietician is on hols until 6th Feb so thought I might get out of the Optifast!

NO SUCH LUCK - I start tomorrow morning.
My dear darling husband (that's today he is) has decided he is going to replace breaky and dinner with Optifast as well! That will make life easier not having to cook him dinner and he could stand to lose a bit (I'm whispering this so he can't read it ok!).

Anyway here we go....wonder how long it'll be before I start whinging about Optifast?
Only 14 more sleeps....


Karen Sloane said...

I think wingeing about Optifast is part of the process. I've been checking out the forums @ Yahoo. All they do is winge about how bad it is.

Bless JD. There is no way he who shall not be named would do that for me.

Glad to see the regular blogging. I makes my day to hear from you.

mjwdec73 said...

You are allowed to whinge about Optifast - if you didn't I'd be worried about your mental health. Drink lots and lots of water - it is the best thing you can do. Use lots of ice and cold water. After the first three days it gets better - I promise. Your multivitamin is your friend too.

The countdown is on in earnest for you now - I'm so excited for you!