Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've had my throat cut !!!

I know nobody ever said being on Optifast was going to be easy but I feel like I've had my throat cut!! I made it to lunch ok and then till about 4pm - and then the hunger set in!! I lasted until 6.30 and had the shake and the steamed vegies. I feel much better now and have some jelly setting in the fridge to take to work tomorrow in case I get hungry again. I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end and it's only early days yet!

Went to my GP today and she said if anyone can do it I can. She said she's seen me try and try to lose weight over the years with little success and she knows this is the right thing to do - so that was encouraging.

I've done the weigh and the measurements and will share them all with you after the op. Strange aren't I but it will be a huge thing for me to share this with the world.

Thanks Karen & Myf for your wonderful encouragement - I read them and love them.


Karen Sloane said...

what on earth are you doing up at 1.40am on a school nite? Get some rest girl.

mjwdec73 said...

It will get better - I promise. Drink lots and lots of water - it really does help at 4.30 when you want to eat anything that moves around you. Multivitamins are your friend too - I know you can do this. I'm glad that my comments help - yours have exactly the same effect on me.