Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chasing my tail..

Well what a busy few days I've had! Nothing to do with weight loss and I will get to that.

Caitlin has been in hospital with a "virus" which compounded into asthma. She's been one sick little girl and is out now and has the rest of the week off. So John & I are juggling work and home at present. Hence the lack of me blogging! I'm not great at sleep deprivation and am functioning at present on 2 cylinders but we will get there.

On the weight loss front my measurements came in at a loss of 67cm!!! I'll put them in when I can. And I've finally hit the 14kg mark. So gotta be happy with that. I saw my GP today and she's so impressed she said she'd like to refer prospective banders to me for some positive input which was nice.

Anyway - need sleep but I'm at work so I'd better get back.


Karen Sloane said...

Hey, missed you.
Nothing like a sick kidlet to make you appreciate a good night's sleep, but then you of all people should know that.
Take care and remember to take some time for yourself. You will be no good to the family if you crash and burn!
Here endeth the lecture.

mjwdec73 said...

Everything Karen said ...

And - wow! Just wow. Well done on the 67cm - that is fantastic. And being a reference point for future banders - that is such a great thing to do. I would have loved to have someone to talk to when I was making the decision.

I'm even more impressed that you managed to leave such a thoughtful comment on my blog this week with everything you've had going on. Thank you.

Sue H said...

Glad to hear Caity is on the mend - give her our love and a hug (also from you know who - someone who is not much taller than you). I know what it is like to be sleep deprived, but thank god for nanny naps. Speaking of little man who must be obeyed, he had a great comment the other day which I think will tickle your fancy - we commented on how good he was looking, and how much weight he has lost and he said "well, you know I am finally growing into my skin" ha ha. So I thought of you with that comment, and thought you could also have the privilege of using that one!!. Keep up the good work - keep strong. LOL.

george h said...

know all about sleep deprivation and admire your courage and strength on the journey you are undertaking,like me kath one day at a time
take care and keep up the nanny naps

Sue H said...

sorry kath, got the comment from the little man not quite right - it is supposed to read "we commented on how tall he was getting, how good he was looking, and how much weight he has lost and he said "well, you know I am finally growing into my skin". See, you think you are sleep deprived!! I can't even get these comments right.