Monday, April 14, 2008

Mountains and more.....

Well we had a great weekend away at Blue Mountains. Did lots, walked lots and put on half a kilo! Oh my god - nearly died this morning but then assessed what we ate and I am eating a bit more than usual and goddamm those homemade chocolates from the chocolate factory! I had about 6 of them and boy were they lovely. (Can't say I'd recommend going back there though as the service was crap). Anyway - on to another week of good eating habits. I go to doctor next Monday and dare say I'll have a little fill.

I did balk at one of the walks (my thoughts were 'gee will I walk from the Skyway back to Echo Point uphill etc or drive the car back' as "someone" had to do it and have a nana nap?? - guess which one I picked.....not the right one of course but I had a great sleep and after the week I've had it was worth it! I also received a phone call from the hubby and the kid "come and get me mum I can't walk any further!!!" so they didn't make it anyway - ha!

To all my lovely friends who leave messages - thank you.

To the Harpers who are going through hard times especially George - Yep one day at time. Love you all. Loved Conner's comment on the skin! Will pass it on to she who admires from afar.

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mjwdec73 said...

Life is still for living - that half kilo will fall off you in no time. You definitely needed the nanna nap - wise choice!