Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Fill

I'm home......tail between my legs and all ! I should have read more about these fills before actually having one. I had no idea ! And to sum it up I said to the Doc - "will you hurry up -you realise this is as uncomfortable as a pap smear!" of course he said - "Oh I wouldn't know!.....once he found the port it was over in seconds but he found it a couple of times but the needle slipped off it! That sound was different...anyway it's all over now and I now have an extra ..........wait for it .........ONE ML in my band making it a total of 4ml in a 10ml band. I now know what restriction means again and I'm not liking it at all (and the bloody wind is back).

And to top things off we had a blow out on the way home. I still have a few more days of hols - our local show is on this weekend and I have a very excited daughter just busting to go. Then it's back to work Monday which will be great as I'm so out of routine with my eating and drinking....not that I can eat much at present but hey I'm sure that'll improve.

Anyway - thanks for all the great comments re the photos. On to the next 10kg....


mjwdec73 said...

Oh, that sound. Mmmm .... scrapy. I'm intrigued by how uncomfortable so many other fills are - for mine, all I had to do was lie down with my hands behind my head. Although, your comparison reminds me of something else I have to do. Woo. Can't wait to see how you go now.

Booked your next fill yet?

Karen Sloane said...

There there, there there. It's over now until the next time.
And speaking of the show, if yr still there Sat nite, keep an eye out for a certain 17yo who is hanging with her friends.
And stop sooking about yr routine. I have no doubt yr mum kept you in line.
xxx. PS - It was 2 degree here this morning @ 7am. :)