Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good stuff

The big trip to the Cook Islands is paid for so it looks like we are on our way! Now I have a target to lose more weight for. It would be nice to have another 10kg off by then. Pity I can't get a nice big boat there or something as I really hate flying! Now we have to gain the respite for Jess while we are away. If the wheel falls off that wagon then we are up s**t creek. It's bloody hard having to rely on so many factors but that's a part of having a person in your family who can't look after themselves.

I've had a few people comment on my weight loss that haven't seen me for a while which is great. And the jeans I bought off ebay are all too big!!! How sad - NOT. I'll have to resell them though - nice jeans too!


mjwdec73 said...

Yippee! Cook Islands and jeans that are too big. I'm crossing everything that the respite falls into place for you all.

If I get a nice big yacht, I'm so sailing the Pacific - feel free to join me!

Karen Sloane said...

A holiday will be just the thing!
I'm so jealous. I'm sitting here trying to convince myself that study and exams are just like a holiday but even I'm not that delusional!

Sue H said...

When I read this I thought you lucky thing and how jealous I was. But you deserve a break away, and this sounds like the ideal thing. Would like to see a photo of you resting up on the beach!!. What a great reward for all your hard work. Speaking of hard work, you have actually inspired me to get of my own fat ### and guess what - I'm pretty stoked. I got new uniforms (scrubs) and they are too big, but wearable, and was noticing I was able to fit into my "smaller" clothes. So I weighed myself and have lost 6.5 kg since christmas. Since I saw you at easter I have lost about 3kg, and am actually doing that dredded exercise thing and have been going for long walks each day (as well as working a 12 hour shift the other day, with 4 births and 1 NETS transfer to John Hunter Hospital - so busy, busy). Thanks for the inspiration. Keep strong. LOL.

Sue H said...

Hey, just had a great comment from Connor. We were sitting here after tea, Matt made a comment about Connor's rounder face and tummy area - to which Connor replied "I'm not chubby, I just have too much skin". What a great line, thought this would tickle your fancy. LOL (P.S my LOL is not laugh out loud, it means lots of love).