Friday, February 1, 2008

Be Positive..

I've been reading blogs and getting the most valuable information. I now know that my head is going to be the biggest hurdle to get around. And learning to eat differently.....and dealing with GAS!

Another thing is 'friends' even though they are well meaning are already becoming experts in my weight loss! The first person who says to me "should you be having that" is going to be very sorry!

That's a warning to anyone who reads this by the way. It's my journey - please respect that.

Not that anyone has done that yet but I have had it happen many times before and I'm a big girl (in more ways than one) and am responsible for where I am and I can make my own mistakes and hopefully learn from them along the way. The demons I have to battle I will have to battle on my own and positive support is welcomed but anything negative is not. As Myf says "I am my own worst critic" - so I don't need any more criticism than I give myself. I know I'm going to succeed in this so bring it on.


mjwdec73 said...

Kathy, great post. I'm glad you have given fair warning to everyone - I wish I'd done that a little more strongly. This is your journey, and I feel privileged that you are sharing it with me.

mmm, gas is fun - but it does pass, I promise :)

I'm so excited you quoted me - I'm doing little bounces of excitment.

Myf x

Anonymous said...

Kathryn-should you be having that???? Your mother!!!

mum said...

I would not be negative, but..should you be having that?