Sunday, June 8, 2008


Just gotta tell the 2 people reminicing on my blog that I'm off to a Bingo Marathon tomorrow at Wellington RSL - gotta go and show the old girls how it's done!!

Bring back the drop waisted dresses - they'd probably fit me again now! I saw a photo of me in 2000 today and I am 5kg lighter now than then so yes I am very proud of what I've achieved so far. My new size 22 jeans are too big for me - I can pull them up and down without undoing the fly or the zip!!! That'll be you too soon Myf - you are doing so well and catching up to me - slow down girl! That rotten Tina has overtaken me she is doing that well!

Anyway enough for now. Bye.


mjwdec73 said...

I don't do slow - I'm either fast or nothing at all - there is no middle ground for me. Which means I'm dreading the nothing at all.

I love that ability to move jeans up and down without undoing them - bring it on!

And 5kgs less than 2000 - that is wonderful - congratulations!

Diz said...

Keep it're doing fantastic. I wouldn't worry about that "Rotten Tina"'ll blow her doors off before you know it! It's cool to have a friend with the same goals. You're lucky.

Anonymous said...

hehe - I just had the same NSV with the pulling jeans up without unbuttoning! Good job!

Em :)

Sue H said...

You have a right to be very proud of yourself - GREAT job.

As for the bingo marathon - you go girl. Play for all us oldies, and think of us as you do. PS by the way, you apparently don't say "Bingo" anymore, its "yeh". Heard this one day when I went to the club for lunch and they were playing bingo there. My how times have changed.

Keep up the good work. Keep Strong. Lots of love.

Tina :o) said...

Hi it is that rotten Tina here. LOL :O)

You are doing so well i am so proud of you. Don't you just love it when your clothes get that loose. I know i do. As long as they don't fall down in public and not at bingo, Now that could be embarrassing but funny:O) hee hee.
Keep up the great work.
Got to go now i have to call out BINGO!!! I won the jackpot.......:O)
I used to go to bingo with my mum and i loved it. I am a big dag i know.

Cheers Tina