Friday, June 13, 2008

Reporting in....

I think I might have a new photo taken for the blog photo - that one with the green shirt on is very disturbing yet I suppose it shows how far I've come.

I'm having some friends around for a night in tomorrow night. The way the weather is it may be a good idea. It may be cold here but my readers from Canberra, Inverell and Melbourne may disagree with you're all freezing those proverbials off!!

Work has been rather mundane this week. Not a lot to report.... only got 4 days at work next week then a conference on the Friday and I'm off to the Doc and Dietician for the big fill on the following Monday.

I've started scrapbooking again - didn't realise how much I missed it but I'm on a roll and am nearly finished scrapping my 2006 photos!


Sue H said...

I will agree - you don't know cold until you come up here. There has already been snow in Guyra and Armidale - which your wonderful nearly 19 yr old godson loved as he has not seen snow before. But, it has been reasonably mild - only about 0 - 2 degrees at night!

Will also agree - you need a new picture - the green shirt one does not do you any favours. You have worked so hard, how about letting us see the progress.

Lots of love. Keep strong

Karen Sloane said...

This is about me - I'm turning into my mother (Yes,I know, we all agreed it would never happen). Its now 9.45 on Sat nite, and I'm staying in 'cause I have to pick up a car load of kidlets @ 10.30pm, when Mel finishes work and drive them 35kms to a sleepover.

At same time I'm ignoring the 1800 words I cant find for an assignment due Monday. Perhaps they are under the textbook I'm also ignoring whilst reading a trashy novel.
I need to get a life.
and yes, I'm freezing my boosies off here in Canberra.

mjwdec73 said...

New photo! New photo! New photo! New photo! New photo!

Freezing, pfft! Coming home last night, I was wearing my jumper, coat and had a wrap on over the top. This was in the car with the heater on. Bloody freezing.

Oh, and show us a new photo :)

Tina :o) said...

Woo hoo new photo bring it on!!!!!
I too have been feeling the cold since shedding some kg's. I take it as a sign were getting skinnier. LOL:O)

Cheers Tina