Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well, well - I'm being educated....

Guess who didn't have a fill !! What I love about my doc and dietician is they are very conservative especially when it comes to me as I live so far away from them.

The story goes that after my last post I started feeling restricted again which was probably apprehension and nerves as I had to do a presentation at work and then travel to N'Castle on my own, then go to have the dreaded fill..........so a lot was going on in my head and obviously in my band. Having explained this to Cathy (my dietician) she was reluctant to allow the fill as I have the hormonal restriction going on as well when it's time. She said if they gave me a fill that it would only be 1ml and it would make too much of a difference when the hormones were raging or I was stressed. So we looked at my diet and boy did I learn a lot there. I have been eating too much mushy stuff and not enough bulk therefore I've not being staying full or have been satisfied at a meal but not "full". So she's educated me in to using the band as a tool and eating more substantial food. She's happy that I've only ever had one PB and the aim is not to have too much restriction that would make life miserable and it's not how I want this to go. I know if I had the fill the weight would come off quicker but really I would rather lose the weight slowly and not vomit my life away. It's also hard when I am so isolated so would also rather do as I am told because if something goes wrong I'm up s**t creek!

So that's my news. Back to work tomorrow - oh joy.


Karen Sloane said...

In my expert opinion, sounds like there is not enough brussell sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower in that diet! Also, you need more alfalfa sprouts and mung beans and less mushy stuff.

Strawberries are only good if eaten on their own and not soaked in champagne.

Muffins with blueberries and rasberries are not "fruit".

Here endeth the lecture. Am going back to my booze and ciggies.

Love you. Listen to the real experts.

AND.... this week, you're closer to your next birthday than your last so you are getting older and bits will start falling off and slowing down. (Just some more free medical advice).

Still love you.

Anonymous said...

One PB ever is terrific. I'm getting better with mine, and when I do have a PB I can tell straight away 95% of the time I'm eating too fast or too much.

It takes time to put on weight and will take time to take it back off.

Keep on cruising!

Em :)

mjwdec73 said...

Kath, that is great news. I'm glad you are working with your dietician to avoid the fills. I'm surprised Karen didn't suggest regular turnip chomping too though!

Isn't it funny how much stress and hormones can do to us?