Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Looking forward again....

Something to look forward to is always a good thing. It takes your mind off the present and slips it into the future and to a place you want it to be. I love having something to look forward to even if it's only something small like having my hair done. This weekend we've decided to go to Wellington. We have respite (even tho Miss Jess doesnt know that yet.....she finds out as we are pulling into the respite centre as it aint pretty when she finds out and very heartwrenching for us - so we leave it till the last minute). We are going to ask John's mum if she will have Caitlin and we will flit around town visiting friends and staying in a motel......yeah get your mind out of the gutter - John has that anticipation too!

Anyway - better get dinner for the troops - they are starting to chew my leg off! Hey - wonder if that counts as weight loss?

1 comment:

mjwdec73 said...

How exciting to have a weekend away to look forward too - good for both of you!

Yes, having your leg chewed off definitely counts as weight loss - after all, it will show on the scales :)

Oh, and what is wrong with having our minds in the gutter - one of the funnest types of exercise around madam!