Saturday, June 7, 2008

Time goes by

We had our big night out in Wellington - had a lovely dinner (yep - didn't eat much but it was nice) and then went to a nightclub/disco where our friends were the dj's - so the music was great but it was that loud it was making my chest vibrate...........we bailed out about midnight. It was great to catch up with our friends but going back to a town you grew up in is a bit of a slap in the face because you are meeting your friends and classmates children at discos!! I felt old and didnt enjoy dancing with the 18 yr old chickybabes at all! - they all looked not a day over 12 to me.

We picked Caitlin up from nan's in the a.m and took her out to Burrendong Dam for a drive and then out to John's family farm for a look.

I must say I did run into a lot of people who haven't seen me for a while who commented on how good I look which is great for the ego! I will weigh in on Monday and see how I'm going......not expecting much at all.


Karen Sloane said...

ahh, the trip back to the original stomping ground... do you know its over 20 years since we were old/young enough to shake our groove things on that particular dance floor!!!

Kids today dont know what they're missing. Imagine going to a club where you can actually hear each other speak, catch a game of bingo and be home by midnight! And I think they still have the original menu in the restaurant.

(stop smiling Sue H - you were there too :)

Wave to people for K.

Sue H said...

Karen, how did you guess I was smiling and had to admit I had a bit of a giggle. Oh those were the days! Wasn't it fun, lovely little country town where the only thing going was bingo 3 times a week. Remember the day the new man first came into St Mary's Hall, and the thoughts that were amongst us all until we found out he was the new priest!! What a waste.

Gosh I think we must be getting old. 20+ years flies by so quickly. Shame the wrinkle come just as quickly - oops sorry, they are not wrinkles, they are laugh lines!! Was showing middle son's new girlfriend some old photos and she cracked up with the fashion. Remember his chritening godmother - you wore a lovely pale blue dress (yes it was a maternity one) and I wore a beautiful white, yellow and bright pink one, dropped waist of course (well, then I thought it was beautiful). However, those colours are coming back in now - but not the style of dress. More is the pity because it used to hide a multitude of sins.

Enough of reminiscing, now for words of wisdom (cause we are sooo old now). Re weight loss, anything is good so long as it is not a weight gain. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have done great so far - and remember, you are still the Kath we all know and love on the inside. The outside is just dressing.

Lots of love and keep strong.

mjwdec73 said...

I'm glad you've had a great time away. Oh, and any loss is a good loss - just remember how good you are feeling and the compliments you've been getting xoxo