Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to real life

I started back at work today. It was great to see everyone and the comments were ranging from "wow you look great" to "I can see you've lost weight already" - no wonder I work there - they are great for my ego! I realise now that all the support I am getting is having a such a positive effect on me....wonder what I'd do if I didn't have any support. I thrive on other people's encouragement.....suppose that's normal for anyone.

To Karen S: I love you too. I value your friendship and your neverending support - thanks for the lovely comment on Myf''s blog - you humble me. x

It's only Monday - we'll see how I'm feeling on Friday!

Got invited to a wedding today in October. Better not go buy a dress just yet. We'll see how much I can lose between now and then. Gives me a goal post to aim for other than just "looking hot by Christmas" which up until now has been my catch cry.


mjwdec73 said...

Kathy, I'm glad to hear you survived day one OK. How good is it to hear positive comments when you go back to work?

How are you feeling now?

Karen Sloane said...

OK, now I've stopped sobbing like a big sheila....

Humble? You? Who are you and what have you done with my Kathy?

Us Wonder Women dont have time for humbleness (is that a word?). We're too busy kicking @ss and raising kids!!! Not to mention saving the world and packing school lunches.

Never doubt our value to the world. Regardless of what sh!t is going on, someone still needs us to be there for them, you know the important stuff like buying Kraft crunchy peanut butter, not that no-name cr@p that some husbands buy when they think they are saving $$!

(btw, hubbie and bubbie send their love, they are as much a part of this journey as the rest of us.)

Stay away from the stuff that gives you gas!!!

xxxx K.

Chantel said...

How lovely that you went back to work with such lovely people and wonderful support. Ohh the compliements! You will have to post some progess pics soon!

How fun will shopping for the dress be! What a great reward :)