Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cranky, cranky and just plain sh**ty

I thought this was supposed to get easier!! Mornings I'm fine but afternoons I could chew a baby's bum through a cane chair as my father would say!! By the time I get home of an afternoon I'm a raging idiot and all because I'm missing food. Oh well as they say 'not long now' I suppose.

I think being so busy at work hasn't really helped as I'm really tired just to add to it all. Maybe I'll just have an early night - it's not as if I have anything to stay up for!!! No chips, no chocolate, no icecream......stop thinking about it Kath!


mjwdec73 said...

I love that quote from your father - that is hilarious! Drink water til you feel like you are floating - a bit of extra helped me too. Not long now - I'm getting excited for you!

diana stephens said...

The count down is on, we are all counting with you lovely. The exciting part is nearly here, i'm sure you will be over the moon when your dreams become a reality. You can do it!!

PS - Bob wants to know an exact time of when he can stop eating greens. I've told him another week!
Take care