Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting there...

Well, I had a call from the dietician today which was great. She will now see me the day after the op. I also received a notice from the anaesthetist telling me how much I will be up for and a welcome pack from the hospital explaining step by step what is going to happen to me from when I walk in till when I walk out. Can't say I'm not informed!

Had a crap day at work though. Lucky the two other people in my office weren't around - I reckon they would have their arms chewed off by now. I was pretty hungry therefore very cranky and not at all tolerant of things that would usually go to the keeper. Oh well on to another exiting day of Optifast! I'll be taking my soup with me tomorrow - I've made some out the "free" vegies - it'll get me through the day at least.


Karen Sloane said...

"One day at a time, sweet Jesus,
That's all I'm asking of you...."
for the rest of the words ring my mother and she will happily sing you the entire hymn. Actually, your mother probably knows the words too. (Hi L.)

Tomorrow is the first day of Lent so I'm giving up drinking expensive French champagne for 40 days.

It's now 12 hours since you posted last nite, see you're feeling happier already!!!

Diana Stephens said...

Hang in there Kath, you can do it. Not long now.

Bob and I are still eating green stuff in support of your efforts so you didn't feel like you were suffering alone :)

The "Panel" wish you all the best.

mjwdec73 said...

I'm really impressed with the information pack from the hospital - what a great service. You are nearly there now - and you are doing so well. Funny how being hungry makes your frustration tolerance so much lower - I didn't want anyone around me to be stupid while I was in my last few days of Opti - had some serious crankypants going on.