Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday!

What a week.......nothing exciting happened just work, home, work, kids. Had car break down - that was fun! It lost all power as I was accelerating from a side street on to the highway! Shits were trumphs. And talking of shitting oneself.........I walked out of my office the other day and a jackaroo decided to crack a whip! I thought I'd been shot. Well - didnt he get told he was a "lovely young lad" in my language!!! He won't be doing that again.

For those of you who don't know I work for TAFE Primary Industries so I do encounter the odd jackaroo/jillaroo, ag trainee, horticulture students, woolclassing students, shearing students, conservation land management students and students who are aspiring to be Vet nurses. It's a real mixed bag and you should smell the joint when it rains and there is a shearing school on!! The guy I share my office with is an Ag/Woolclassing teacher and loves the smell of a shearing shed - I personally think it's something I will never get used to but it comes with the job! I'm sure not from a farm - my dad was a country cop and my mum was a I was classed as a "townie".

Anyway - on the weight loss front......well Myf must be on holidays cos she hasn't answered my question about the food. I'm going back to Doc on 23rd June so will have fill then. Just have to watch what I eat and keep up the water. A bit of exercise would be nice but the knee is totally blown out and is so painful that I'm contemplating going back to the doc and seeing if the surgery they were going to do is still on the cards. Can't be expecting to lose weight without any exercise! I also can't be bothered so motivation is lacking too.

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mjwdec73 said...

I so wish I was on holidays. Your poor knee - can you do any sort of hydrotherapy for it? I've found in the past that it is the only way my sore, aching swollen body can do anything - especially in classes run by physios. It really is such a relief to have the weight off the aching parts, while you are in warm water. Of course, that means bathers are required ...