Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another update...

I've officially lost 16kg. I'm at the point though that I want it to just fall off!! I want it over! My clothes don't fit me! I should be more positive about it all but I'm heading for the old PMS today I'd say so just don't look at me!

On a lighter note I was told by an bloke I've known for years that I look gorgeous but he thought I always did. How nice is that. Very flattering.


Karen Sloane said...

As discussed on the phone;
1. Stop sooking
2. Suck it up
3. Get over it
4. 16kgs in 12 weeks is perfect.
5. See 1-4 again.
xxxx K.
PS - go buy some shoes - that is the best non-medication cure for the "Dont Look At Me"s.

Sue H said...

Love Karen's comments, don't think I can top that one. But remember, today is just today - you're allowed to have a "down" day. Words of wisdom - recall all the good times (minus the pain of surgery, fill etc), think about your weight loss, all those cms gone forever and remember we love you for you. Then, think about what it would be like if you had never undertaken this wonderful journey. Really there is no comparison when you look deep down inside your soul.I know I would pick the first any day. On a lighter note - tell John that because none of your clothes fit you need to "max out" the credit card - and the best cure for dull days is retail therapy. Happy shopping!

As for 16kg WOW!!! Do you realise that is the equivalent of having about 5 "normal weight" babies (yep, can't get away from work - love it).

My usual sign off - keep strong. Lots of love.

PS: Little man who must be obeyed said to say "you did well, keep on going".

Anonymous said...

kath you are allowed to stumble and feel down. Any journey starts with one small step you took one gigantic leap and look what you have achieved I have always said you are gorgeous and so supportive of others, Yes you will stumble and feel down as I have many many times through my journey but believe in yourself have your downers have a cry but remember we your friends are always here for you, As Sue H said get the old man to unlock the credit card have a bit of retail therapy and enjoy the new you.
lotsa love George H

mjwdec73 said...


What everyone else said - 16kgs is awe inspiring - well done!

You need to go shopping - sounds like you need to get something to wear for the Cook Islands.

Oh, and I think you are gorgeous too!

Anonymous said...

hehe great comments by Karen!

Man I'd be stoked with 16kgs in 12 weeks! That is bloody brilliant!

Em :)

Tina :o) said...

16kgs is fantastic. Shout it from the roof tops "16kgs lost forever!!!!!"
Congratulations. You will be getting more and more positive comments like your gorgeous. Keep up the great work and be proud of your weight loss. You deserve to. Maybe when you get to your 20kgs lost we could have an other photo for an update:O)

Cheers Tina:O)

LapBandGirl said...

16kg in 12 weeks is an awesome effort! Time to celebrate and reward yourself I think!!

LBG xx