Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting Excited now.

Had a call from my dietician yesterday. She is very happy with my progress and made an appointment if I need it in June with the surgeon and herself. She is such a positive influence on me really. She gives me guidance yet doesn't dictate. I tend to listen to her above anyone else because everyone is an expert on dieting but not on a banding diet. I must do the diary thing like you Myf as it's very interesting seeing what you eat as I find myself comparing what I eat with what you eat and find it's about the same in quantity. Can't find that bread you eat up here though...and must find Jarlsberg cheese!

On a more exciting note - I had a call from the lady who is organising this weekend. It is usually an annual event for Mum's of kids with disabilities but due to staff changes of the organisers etc they haven't had a chance to organise one so it's been 2 years. We are being taken to the Turon River which is near Mudgee to a resort there (you can look it up on the net - turongates.com). We leave on Friday afternoon, stop in at a winery at Mudgee and stock up on my favourite wine (is that on the list.....hmmm...that's tough!) and then off to the resort. We will then have a few drinks and then dinner and games night (which is a good way of getting to know the other mums). On Saturday we are being given makeovers - not sure what that will entail but hey I'm up for it! We have free time in the afternoon which will probably involve more drinking or maybe a LLD (little lie down). The sat night we have dinner and more drinks. Sunday off to the markets in Mudgee and lunch in Mudgee then home. Can't wait - just gettting away from everything for a few days is great.


Sue H said...

Sounds just like the reward you need for all your hard work. I am so envious!! So, you must have a glass of the white sparkly stuff for me.

You have done a great job so far - 80cm WOW!! & > 16 kg. Bet those new clothes are getting a bit loose now. And, you will be able to treat yourself to some really nice undergarments - nothing like feeling something nice on your skin to help you feeling nice on the outside. Isn't is great when you haven't seen someone for a while, and they really can see a change in you - makes it all worth while.

Keep strong. Lots of love

mjwdec73 said...

The diary thing is pretty confronting - especially after my efforts last night :(

With the bread - email them - there should be a link on my blog - and ask them where your nearest stockist is.

Enjoy the weekend - especially if you manage a LLD - they are a very good thing.