Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wow - it's Wednesday already and I haven't taken a breath this week it seems. Too much on the mind! I'm a bit worried about the slowing down of the weight loss....and I'm back to eating in between meals. You have a look Myf and tell me if you think I need a fill (you are my expert opinion!).

Before Bfast: 200ml glass juice with medication and vitamins.
Bfast: 1 x 40gm satchet date delicious porridge with skim milk and 1 tab brown sugar
8:30am - skim mocha
10am - pear
11.50am - mandarin
1pm (I might have lunch earlier tomorrow) - left over chinese - about a cup. Prawn chow mein.
2pm - 250ml juice
3pm - skim mocha
5pm - water 250ml
6:30pm will be 2 slices cornbeef, 2 tabs mashed pumpkin, 2 tabs mashed potato, 1 tab peas/corn then nothing except maybe a drink of some sort about 7:30pm.
I know I didnt drink my water today and that could be a factor.....and if I had lunch earlier I wouldnt have eaten the mandarin. I'm not excrutiatingly hungry but not happy about the slowing down of the weight loss!!! I'd like to lose one kg per week.......

Anyway other than that things are good. I bought a top today from a shop where last year I couldnt find anything to fit me! And I didn't have to buy the biggest one - god I'm clever!

Another one of my friends is going to have the banding done and I'm so excited for her! She is getting done on the 24th July which is not far away really. Don't envy her going on the old Optifast but hey if I had to go through it so should she!

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mjwdec73 said...

Wow - you changed your colours!

Okay, have you been hitting the water more? Is that helping? Are you eating because you are hungry or for something to do? Can you up your exercise? Maybe your body is getting used to the smaller amounts of food and needs some exercise to kick start? Looking at the gaps between your eating, maybe a little fill is called for :(

How long until your next appointment?