Monday, May 19, 2008

The Mum's Weekend

Here's a photo of the girls and myself....I love the fact that for the first time in my life I'm not the obvious fattest chick in the photo.! I look slightly normal - not there yet but much, much better than ever before. I'm one proud Mum!

Our weekend away was just brilliant. We left Friday afternoon and arrived in time for drinks & nibbles. I had a few of the nibbles but more of the drink! I love Riccadonna with pureed strawberries - my new favourite drink! We played a few getting to know you games and sat around talking till whenever and then hit the sack.

On Saturday we were taken into Mudgee (1.5hrs away) to be pampered at a beauty salon where I had a facial, eyelash tint, eyebrow and lip wax and a hand massage. Then of course it was lunchtime! We went to a Wine and Cheese place where the girls had antipasto platters of which I had one piece of bread with a bit of camembert, sundried tomato and proscuitto. I didn't indulge then as I knew I wouldn't have enough room for the main meal - not that I had much. I had 2potato & corn fritters with proscuitto and salad.....very nice but got through only one of them. Then they sat up and had cappuccinos and biscuits (of which I had a half a cap and the smallest melting moment I've ever seen - about the size of a 20c piece! which is just the right size for a bandit! We then went back to the cabins and had a rest for an hour or two (we polished off another bottle of wine) and then got picked up for dinner. I couldn't believe they would be hungry after all that but anyway we had dinner of casseroles and rice etc. I had 2 little pieces of chicken and about a tab of rice and opened another bottle of wine - it was yuk so I left it.
We the headed upstairs to the loft for a night of fun and games. We started with a trivia night, then Celebrity Head, then we had to wrap a couple of the girls in toilet paper and turn them into a mummy (which was hilarious) and then we had a "Singstar Competition". All the while drinking CS Cowboys. We had a great night.......great because we could forget about the world for a while and just enjoy each others company.
Anyway - boring you to death I'd say. Won't be weighing myself this week obviously!
It was nice to get home and find signs all over the house..."welcome home mum", "we missed you mum" and big hugs from all especially John who is still in a catatonic state poor thing!


mjwdec73 said...

I'm so glad you had a good time - and I know what you mean about the photo. Life is for living - and it sounds like you did exactly that :)

So nice to come home and know that you were missed too.

One question though - when are you going into rehab ;)

Karen Sloane said...

Ahh, the hidden calories in sparkling wine!! And no, adding musshie strawberries doesn't cancel them out.

Sounds like you had a hoot and I'm glad. No mention of just how 'tired and emotional' you got but I'm sure you managed a nap on Sunday!

Tina :o) said...

So pleased you had a great time. You deserve it:O)
So welcome home from me too.

Cheers Tina