Saturday, May 3, 2008


Sorry I haven't been posting this week. Life has been rather hectic which is usual but more than normal. Work has been extremely busy and I seem to get caught up in all this other stuff which keeps me busy.

I have quite a few friends to support at present who are going through a really rough trot and am trying to give them as much support as they need. It's hard when they all live so far away - I just want to cuddle them and tell them it's going to be ok. One of them and you know who you are should really MOVE TO DUBBO!!! (I know she'll get a laugh out of that!).

Weight loss wise - doing well. Will let you know how I'm going with that on Monday.


mjwdec73 said...

What? You have a life? You have friends? You aren't defined by your weight? Good!

I know what you mean about the wanting to cuddle but being so far away - it breaks my heart that I can't just reach out and do that. I've found I feel like I'm helping by sending silly parcels - I love spending the time finding things that are just for them and picturing them opening them after they pick it up from the post office.

Looking forward to Monday's post.

Sue H said...

Hey, guess what. Like stinks some times, but just remember - everyday above gound is a good day (that's one of george's favourite sayings). As for all your friends needing your support, we all know you are there anytime we need you, and vice versa. Don't get too bogged down with all our problems, just stay focused on your great weight loss journey. In fact, the highlight of my day is reading from your blog and the great progress you are making (god I lead a boring life!!). In fact, you make it seem as though we are all "in Dubbo" with you. Keep up the good work. Keep strong. Lots of Love.

Karen Sloane said...

Hey, as one of the people who are supporting you (rather than you supporting us) I can understand the good feeling that comes from being a true friend.

Just remember though that to be a tower of strength, you must have your own inner strength to cope. So, you must remain Supported Person No. 1 in your life because you are so important to so many of us, who will need you for many years to come. Look after yourself (and the hubby and the bubbies) and the rest will just follow!!!