Sunday, May 25, 2008


I realised that the band has taken up all my thoughts and rightly so for a while now. But reality set in today with Jess being really unwell. Sort of brings you back to earth and away from it being about me. When she is like this it makes you realise just how reliant she is on us and we don't begrudge her for it at all. She ended up having a seizure at the end of the day which is where the day she had was leading and she seems fine now but it was a pretty long and constant day. Caitlin is so good with her I might add.

So we didn't do much today at all funnily enough. We did go out for dinner last night which was lovely. Great food, great company. I had a person I haven't seen for a year or so not recognise me - go the band! Must weigh myself tomorrow and see if that mum's weekend gain has gone!! Who cares I had a blast and it'll come off again I hope!

My mum is a bit worried about my sudden liking to alcohol consumption but don't worry mum I won't be having anymore for a while now!! I discovered Riccadonna & Pureed Strawberries - my new favourite drink but alas it's riddled with hidden calories!! Not the strawberries mind you....

Anyway - have a good week! I hope I do after last week.


mjwdec73 said...

I hope Jess - and the rest of you - are doing better now.

If you did put on a bit after the mum's weekend - who cares? You had a break and a good time, and it will come off again.


Sue H said...

Life is challenging at times isn't it! You just get over one hurdle, to be faced with another. But knowing you, you will come through (again). Hope Jess is feeling better. Give everyone a cuddle from he who must be obeyed.

Also, tell your mum I said thanks for the booties - they certainly will come in handy (and no not for me personally). I will write to her soon. (Hi mum and dad).

Just another idea to keep in mind - how about coming up here in late Sept to show off your new bod. Will be sending you an invite soon to eldest son's 21st (are you feeling old now). I will make sure there is plenty of Ricci and Strawberries on hand!!!

Keep strong. Lots of Love