Thursday, March 20, 2008

A bit of a Reminder!

Well - I had the first reminder today that I actually have a band around my stomach. Up until today I have been able to eat anything (except frozen coke) and not have a worry....but today I had a pain between my boobs that wouldnt go away! It didnt get any worse at all but just didnt get any better either. I thought OK this is indigestion so just move on, then I thought indigestion from what though - I hadnt had anything since breakfast and breakfast wasnt any different to yesterday. But it still didnt go away so I took 2 Nurofen Plus and it vanished. Very strange but a reminder that I'm not the same as I was before banding. I feel fine now.

I found out today that a guy I know has cancer and it's everywhere by the sound of it. He's only 42. It is just so bloody sad for him and his family. Just makes me want to scream, cry and why - it's not me that's got it. But I feel so sorry for him. He starts Chemo on Tuesday and I hope it ends up being a positive outcome for him.

A good thing did happen today - went to see a friend that I havent seen since banding. She was very surprised at how great I look and definitely noticed the weight loss. She also said I'd lost the ruddiness in my face. I might take a photo this weekend and see for myself and I might even share it with the blog! I weighed myself this morning - it's Monday isnt it? and I've lost another .5 so that makes 11.5kg so far.

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mjwdec73 said...


I understand you wanting to scream and cry about your friend - one of my best friends has been going through it for several years now, and it just breaks my heart.

Photo, show photo!!

Well done on the .5 - that is fantastic - congratulations.