Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weight Loss so far

Ta Da......I've lost 10.2kg as of yesterday morning and I'm exercising finally - that cross trainer sure gets the heart rate up!

Now I can't wait till next monday when I weigh in again. I wore some pants to work today that haven't fitted me in a very long time.....god I felt great! One of my friends has offered to take my work pants in for me and my first thought was "no - they will fit me again soon when I put the weight back on" and then a little voice said "hey - it aint going to happen this time, you've got the band now" - Wow what a feeling!

I can't believe I feel so good and am eating so little.....but hey who cares - it's working!


mjwdec73 said...

Kathy, that is fantastic loss - well done. What an achievement with the pants too - both fitting them and reminding yourself that the weight won't go back on.

How long are you spending on the cross trainer?


Karen Sloane said...

10.2 kgs equals TWENTY 500gms tubs of margarine (and a small jar of vegemite)! Or 3 seven and a half pound babies! Or one of those mutha sized bags of potatoes!

Outstanding effort to date. It's good to see you are still winning the battle with your little voice. Sometimes my voices argue so much it sounds like the dinner table in my childhood - hehehehehe