Friday, March 14, 2008

Just another day - not much to say...

First of all - do you like the new look of the blog? I need votes for yes and no. I was told the last one was hard to read so this is just a test to see if this is better! (Hi Karen Boyle!)

I'll post again probably Monday night and let you know how I went at the doc and the dietician. I'm not eating any more than a cup at a time......which is what is expected. Feeling great. Over the exercise already! Might go for a swim this afternoon as it's very hot here today. (not as hot as S.A and VIC though apparently.

I'll post more photos when I've lost 15kg.

Till Monday - wish me luck!


mjwdec73 said...

I like it - it is simple, clear and easy to read.

I hope you enjoyed the swim - I'm hanging for one in the 38 degree weather! Urgh!

Have a great weekend - you are going so well.

Myf xoxo

Karen Sloane said...

hey ho! Firstly, say hi to yr folks and happy birthday to yr dad.

Behave yourself this weekend and take it easy. Let yr mum spoil you. That's what we do best.