Monday, March 31, 2008

Boy - did I learn something today....!

In relation to yesterday's post.......I made a big mistake - had Optifast for breaky thinking I was smart and might lose more that way. Well it threw the whole day out and is the reason I was so hungry. I'm back to normal now thank goodness.

I rang the dietician today and fessed up to what I thought was wrong and she agreed that I need to think more in terms of "texture". Even down to the fact that I've been having yoghurt for afternoon tea if I get hungry - well that's a no-no too as it slides down easy and makes you hungry quicker. So I'm not going to have the fill on Thursday now and will keep my appointment in 2 weeks and I'm going to eat more substantial food.

I also said to the dietician I was happy with losing the weight slowly and being able to eat anything I choose in small amounts and she said 'that's what it's all about and that's what we aim for' - wow I thought everyone spewed etc and was dreading that!

I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning and hopefully will have lost a bit more! It will be 7 weeks since banding tomorrow so hopefully I will hit the 14kg mark which is excellent.


Karen Sloane said...

14kgs = one 30 can cube of coke which is f*&%king heavy. I know that 'cause I just broke my @ss trying to life one off the floor.

Congratulations. One more kg and you will have lost the equivalent of THIRTY 500gms tubs of margarine!

Do I detect a food theme here?
Love you, stay good!

Sue H said...

well done Kath.What a great achievement. Love Karen's comment!! (Hi Karen) How did the weigh in go? R u still on target? Keep thinking of those jeans!!

mjwdec73 said...

Kath, you are doing so well - the things we learn are so important - it isn't just the weight loss.

Oh, and Karen's comments crack me up :)