Friday, March 21, 2008

Progress Stats...

Date of Banding : 12/2/08
Bust 141cm
Waist 132cm
Stomach 151cm
Legs - upper 66cm
Legs - lower 47cm
Neck 45cm
Arms 38cm

Bust 127cm = -14cm
Waist 115cm = -17cm
Stomach 141cm = -10cm
Legs - upper 62cm = -4cm
Legs - lower 45cm = - 2cm
Neck 42cm = -3cm
Arms 36cm = -2cm
Total Loss in cm's to date = 52cm


mjwdec73 said...

Kathy that is fantastic - well done! Congratulations

Karen Sloane said...

Umm, those cms are not lost. I've found an extra 5 cms on my bum and about 8 more on my waist. Week long celebrations of my happy birthday have proven to be a tragic weight loss disaster!!! Thank God I only have one birthday a year.
Seriously, your results so far are fabulous. By my calculations, next Friday will be 45 days since yr surgery. Imagine, in 45 days you have undergone the most comprehensive health improvement regime to improve upon 45 yrs of a not so healthy lifestyle. So remember, we're still at the one day at a time stage. Baby steps.
xxxx Your long distance support network.

Tina :o) said...

Wow they really are stats worth sharing. You have lost all of those cm's forever. Good on you:O)
Cheers Tina