Sunday, March 2, 2008


I don't weigh myself until tomorrow but have measured and guess what.......I've lost 38cm! Man that's a lot. I've lost 12cm off my boobs alone! I'm getting a lot of comments as I've lost it around my face too.

Had a good experience today. Went to a cafe for lunch (actually we went yesterday too but we got the wrong day - my friends thought that was hillarious) - anyway the owner new I was coming back today so she thought about what I could have for lunch today when I returned. She suggested scrambled eggs with shredded chicken and cheese. It was just lovely - of course I couldnt get through it but it was a very nice gesture. Everyone else had a big feed and then lined up for waffles, icecream and caramel sauce which I love but just couldn't possibly have eaten it. Go the band!!!

I'm not going to need a lot of fill I'd say when I go cos I'm not eating a real lot now. I'd be happy to leave it as it is.

Hi to all the people whom I've discovered this week that read the blog and don't put in comments - it's good to know people are interested in what's going on. One friend I ran into said "Hi -dont tell me how you are as I know from reading the blog!" which is great cos then you don't have to tell everyone the same story over and over. I reckon you all should have blogs too so I know what you are all up to as well!! Anyway on to another week - can you believe on tuesday it'll be 3 weeks since the op!


Karen Sloane said...

If you hold a ruler on a standard qwerty keyboard, 12cms equals from the 'a' key to half way across the 'j' key. That's six and a half keys off your boosies!

Now, you know you are just gonna have to measure it to make sure!


Karen Sloane said...

OK, That's it. My hubby and bubby need a new home. They are so dumpt. Kel looked at me and Mel talked to me. Not happy Jan!!!!!!!!!!

mjwdec73 said...

38 cms! Kathy, that is amazing. Well done - I'm so proud of you. With the fill, go with your gut and talk to your surgeon. If they don't think you need it, I'm tipping you won't get it.